Rasodecor is the perfect product to realize your concrete floor outside and more!

It’s a concrete based decorative finish treatement for outer surfaces with low thickness   (4-6 mm).

It can be applied both on new surfaces and on existing ones and it is characterized by a very appreciated, original and unique decorative effect for any flooring  .

Times of installation are shorter than other solutions. Moreover, considering it can be applied also on existing surfaces it can be also used to restore spoiled surfaces..

Rasodecor lasts over time, it is very resistant to atmospherical agents and to abrasion, does not fear temperature changes and cold. Cleaning of these surfaces is very simple to make.


Blend for concrete floor outside and for Rasodecor in general is composed by a upholstery ( even used in imprinted concrete) and by a water-based polymer which is applied by spatula in two applications interspersed by a primer. Final sanding and effects given by spatula will give to surface the characteristic V movement.

Its main field of use is restoration of terraces, balconies, concrete floor outside and for patios.


Rasodecor creates surfaces with an original effect of typical V movement. It can be or not marked according to the application technique. Infact, final sanding and effects given by spatula will give surface’s movement that can be so adapted according to one’s tastes and needs.

The original effect perfectly suits to realization of concrete floor outside and outer spaces, thanks to pleasant aesthetics which combines with a total resistance to water, oils and atmospherical agents.


Among the main advantages coming from Rasodecor’s use there are fast realization times. For concrete floor outside or for any other use, it is possible to work with a reduced quantity of materials, without the need of demolition..

Another big advantage is that floorings are resistant to abrasion, oils, water, atmospherical agents and to UV rays.

Finally, concrete floor outside realized with Rasodecor is easy to clean and to maintain. In this way, management of open spaces, swimming pool and more are simplified.

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Rasodecor is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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RASODECOR's products

Products of Rasodecor line are characterized by their resistance to water and to atmospherical agents, which make them perfect for concrete floor outside and for all outer spaces.

Thanks to its high adhesion to pre-existing supports it is possile to make floorings in Rasodecor even on pre-existing structures.

Considered they are often used in wet spaces as like concrete floor outside , Rasodecor products are mould resistance in order to guarantee resistance and duration over time. See our catalogue to discover products.

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