Interiors’ restorations

Give new light to all inner spaces. Restorations in short times and without demolitions!

Use of Stone International products for interiors’ restoration is the perfect solution for everybody wants to restore inner spaces, by optimizing at best spaces and avoiding any kind of wastefulness.

You will be assisted by trained staff who will advise you the most suitable products for you after studying your project. Aesthetical and functional aspects of your spaces will not be forgotten.

From kitchens to bathrooms,
up to stores

Whether you are a sector freelancer or not, restoration of an inner space will be easy and cheap considering that we only use products of very high quality that always take into account laws in force, thus in full compliance with law.

Safety and eco-sustainability are only two reasons
for which it is worth restoring inner areas.

For example, if you install stenciled concrete, together with a suitable project to improve consumptions you will make your inner spaces safe and eco-friendly.

Improve your inner areas, live at best your spaces with Stone International products for restoration of interiors

Moreover, among our offers you can find a wide catalogue of products and varnishes which will make walls and floorings bright and elegant, by giving them a unique style.