Acid Stain

With ACID STAIN you can give life to your flooring in acid stain concrete in order to have a unique and easy to maintain product.

By using ACID STAIN on concrete surfaces you can obtain effects similar to bright marble or to natural stone. You will so create very modern floorings in acid stain concrete, suitable for professional studios as well as houses, shops, showrooms, hotels and big exhibiting spaces.


You can create acidified floorings completely on the base of customers’ needs with ACID STAIN.

Technically, ACID STAIN acidifed concrete is a compound based on metallic salts and various filled in acids. It is applied on concrete based surfaces such as concrete , self-levelling and microcement screeds etc. which develop with concrete a chemical reaction producing crystals of coloured salts that fill the screed’s microporosities by creating unique acid stain concretes.


Variety of colours with which creating desired tones of acid stain concrete, allows to have changeable effects : multi-colored or semi-transparent remembering shades of natural stones or with a glaze of aged appearance.

Duration and resistance to abrasions of an acidifed concrete is higher than other concrete surfaces. In this way, they are not subject to cracks or fades out. It is possible to use acid stain concrete also for stairs or vertical surfaces.


ACID STAIN does not change thickness of existant concrete floorings. It can also be used on imprinted concrete , Decotop Overlay floors, Decotop Spray floorings, Microcement to decorate surfaces or to give different tones to your floorings in acid stain concrete.

By using Acid Stain with different colours, floorings forget their ordinary appearance and give like to unique and full of life acid stain concrete.

acid stain cemento colorato

Acid Stain is available in many different colours. Discover them!

acid stain
Sistemi STONE  


ACID STAIN’ s products quiclky dry. They must be cleaned with water and bicarbonate and further handled to resin products. By mixing colours among them you can obtain several tones of acid stain concrete according to your needs.

In this way, you can plan spaces with unique design like public places, houses, showrooms, discos, hotels, restaurants and many others.

Browse catalogue of Acid Stain’s products and give colour to your fantasy !

acid stain cemento colorato