Decotop Spray


Decotop Spray is an innovative product formulated by Stone International to renovate old concrete surfaces or damaged stenciled concrete without demolishing them and so avoiding problems of wastes’ removal and disposal.


Decotop Spray is rapidly applied by spatula or by spray on pre-existing concrete supports and is used to recover and decorate both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as courtyards, outer spaces , streets, with pictures’ several customization.

Results are very good, they fully meet customer’s needs.

Products’ very good workability and easy products’ adhesion make stenciled concrete’s application very easy.


It is possible to realize stenciled concrete with different chromatic and aethetic effects with the use of stencils and application techniques available in different pictures. Just for example, you can reproduce sampietrini or porphyry  floorings, or yet customized pictures.


The realized stenciled concrete or claddings are very hard, nonsplit ,waterproof and decorated with colours which resist to time, abrasion, chlorine, salt, grease, oils and diluted acid solutions.

Cleaning is simply made by pressure water jets or using normal detergents.

Decotop Spray is applied on avenues, sidewalks, courtyards, walkways, ramps, at the pool, socles, vertical claddings, reinforced concrete claddings, plasters. It is anyway used to restore, refine and improve pre-existent structures. It can be applied with thicknesses from 6 mm to 8 mm.

ecotop spray pavimenti antiscivolo

Decotop Spray is available in many different colours. Discover them!

Decotop spray colors

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DECOTOP SPRAY's products

Decotop Spray line is a very good solution to have a new flooring without expensive process, above all if the teated area has remarkable dimensions.

Versatility brings together all products of this line, by ensuring a very good final effect.

All Decotop Spray products offer a durable solution as they are able to resist to abrasions, chlorine and greases.

Click on products’ catalogue and discover all advantages of the line!

decotop spray pavimenti antiscivolo