Ultradecor Microcement

Ultradecor Microcement or Microtopping is a concrete based cladding for floorings and claddings. It is highly resistant to abrasion.

Thanks to its special formulation, microcement can be applied on any kind of stable surface, pottery included. Considering it can be also applied on pre-existing floorings, you can obtain a fast renovation of your spaces, by saving time and money with a unique effect.

Unlike most of claddings for floorings and walls, microcement is completely customizable. This material allows a wide range of colours and creation of all desided forms and pictures.

Mortar can be coloured with Colortop in order to obtain cloudy or spatula effect or it can be treated with Acid Stain and Dye Color products.

Handmade character of application makes texture of any work unique.

As it happens with other noble materials such as marble or wood, microcement floorings are always unique.

Ultradecor (product to realize microcement) can be applied by craftsmen, by hand and by spatula. The suitably treated microtopping is waterproof and is even perfect for bathrooms’ inner spaces. Morever, please remember it is easily customizable.

No big or heavy equipment is required for its application. For this reason, the product is especially suitable to be applied in any kind of building including already busy houses or houses located in upper floors.

Ultradecor has a minimum thickness. Thus, it does not interfere with quotas of doors or windows and can be applied on existing bases by saving costs of demolition and disposal. Waterproof resins based finish makes it suitable to be applied in kitchens, in microcement treated bathrooms and in shower-box. In any case, it is not waterproofing , where necessary we recommend to apply a concrete sheath like Flex 400 or a liquid sheath like P30.

From the sheet you can download a BIM form of demo and user manual explaining methods of use.

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Ultradecor Microcement is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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Microcement lends itself to any space of the house as cladding for furnitures or plasterboard structures.

Its  versatile nature makes microcement perfect both for outer and for inner spaces.

Cleaning and maintenance of product are very simple.

Ultradecor is available both in 2k and 1k versions.

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