The Company

Your spaces, our products: in this way a unique experience is born.

“Several lines of products and systems have been planned in order to obtain a very good result in every architectural background . In this way, design locations have been created for a unique visual and sensorial experience.”

Stone International is an Italian brand, a leading company in production of building materials and in architectural works of different kinds. For years now, it aims to satisfy all its customers’ needs, by matching a wide range of products useful for several kinds of works to its staff’s wise and professional experience.

We are in constant evolution and go together with market dynamics. We design systems and products that can give you the best shopping experience ever, during the which you will go with us in choosing the more functional product for you having available precise descriptions on every product’s features.

Well-being of everybody lives in spaces built with Stone System products mirrors in this company’s need of improving itself day after day by chasing its constant research of very high quality products that can give life to elegant, solid and comfortable spaces.

Moreover, Stone International commits in the periodical organization of training and presentation days for its customers, aiming to make all news of building sector be known. They will be so specialized in knowledge of materials up to the application of its products both on practical and theoretical levels.

"In constant evolution, we help you in realizing all your projects."