Metal Decor

Surfaces with unique, elegant and luxurious nature thanks to Metal Effect Paints.

Metal Decor is the result of Stone International’s research laboratories. Stone International continuously invests on research of new decorative solutions and innovative materials.

This product allows to reproduce an extraordinary and realistic metallic effect on treated surfaces.


Thanks to Metal Decor products it is possible to obtain effects like copper , bronze , brass or even steel plate. These effects are so realistic you will never notice the difference.

Metal Decor metal effect paints are perfect to realize, suggestive and unique areas, with a warm and enchanting design by reproducing effects far in time.

Exactly for these features , Metal Decor is widely used both in private building sector and in public places. Its particular composition allows to create modern spaces by enhancing and giving sophistication to classic areas.


Metal Decor is simply to work and to apply. Spaces are easily realized. It is perfect to furnish vertical surfaces of residential flats, restaurants, offices and public places. This product can be applied on the following surfaces:

  • Plasterboard –  prior good preparation with Ultradecor
  • MDF plaster- prior good preparation with Ultradecor
  • Plywoods –  prior good preparation with  Ultradecor
  • Ultradecor – microcement
  • Surfaces in CLS concrete

Application of Metal Decor is simply and fast. It will allow you to rapidly realize your designs. It can be applied on pre-existing surfaces with a low thickness. Stone International metal effect paints can be applied on both mineral and not mineral surfaces, prior good preparation of substrate.

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Metal Decor is available in many different colours. Discover them!

vernici effetto metallo