Imprinted concrete

25 years of Experience in realizing Imprinted Concrete

In the mid-1990s Stone International introduced in the Italian and the European market imprinted concrete and in a short time it became the leading company in the sector.


Process of imprinted concrete is very simple: a concrete or cement base is poured. Concrete is suitably dosed and is processed according to a tested system including the use of additives, colorants, claddings and sealers. Everything is produced by Stone International in order to obtain a final flooring with extraordinary and unique features like all other Stone International’s products.


As it happens with other noble materials like marble or wood,  imprinted concrete is  always unique. Product used to realize these floorings is applied by craftsmen, by hand and with mats.
In this way, you can express at your best your creativity both on outer spaces’ floorings and on inner spaces’ ones.

Imprinted concrete perfectly suits to several areas such as : sidewalks, streets, courtyards, squares, exhibition centers, entrance halls, ramps, garages, car parkings, swimming pools’ sides, roofs, for renovation of historic centres, etc.
The very wide range of models and colours, combined with its great convenience make imprinted concrete the perfect choice for your needs.


Imprinted concrete offers solidity and strenght of a reinforced cement screed and beauty of porphiry , wood, sampietrini floorings and of infinite number of architectural effects this kind of flooring can take.

Imprinted concrete can be also applied on pre-existing concrete surfaces with  minimum thickness available ( 7 mm up to 20 mm), by using the system Decotop Overlay.

This gives you the huge advantage to realize your new flooring above the old one with a considerable saving of time, work and costs!

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IMPRINTED CONCRETE is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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Imprinted concrete is solid and strong. It needs little maintenance and is very resistant to atmospheric agents and to UV rays .It does not fear dust, water, mats and temperature changes.

Every product meets such needs, by keeping in any case very high quality standards.

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