Sales condition

  • Name/ Legal status : Stone International srl
  • Legal representative / Natural person: Marco Di Lazzaro
  • Address/ Registered office: Leonardo Da Vinci  Street – 00015 Monterotondo – Roma
  • Tax code : 08218221003
  • Vat : 08218221003
  • Reg. of Company Code REA RM – 1081751
  • Phone nr Telefono: 06 9060985
  • E-mail:

Article 1 –  General sales conditions’ acceptance

Before you  purchase Stone International Products according to methods established in these general conditions and provided in website, Customer specifically declares having carefully read and having completely accepted content of these General Conditions as well as having reviewed each supplied news during purchase process.

Stone International invites you to keep a copy of these general conditions for a ready consultation.

These general sales condition represent an integral part of any purchase order and contract of sale of Products present on Stone International’s shop online on the website  in force from the order’s date.

 Article 2- Definitions

With the term “ Sales conditions” we mean this document.

With the term “ buyer” we generally mean subject, both the consumer and the freelancer, who makes a purchase of  Stone International Products according to indications present on website and in Sales Conditions.

With the term “ Products” we mean all goods produced or sold by Stone International on website and making part of its selection.

With the term “ Web Site” we mean the list of web pages contained in the url

With the term “ Order” we mean Customer’s order -containing details of products- which is sent by Stone International to buyer further to reception of the order generated to system after confirmation of order.

With the term “ Sales contract” we mean sales contract established between Customer and Stone International further to Purchase Order and confirmed by Leroy Merlin further to the payment of the amount required.

Article 3 – Order’s methods.

Orders can be made online : by using the on-line procedure on website, SHOP section. Before becoming effective, these orders will be checked by Stone International that will send its purchase proposal to buyer with times of release, times and costs of transport.

Article 4. Prices

Prices of reference are the ones agreed with Stone International srl.

Article 5. Payment mode

Payment will be made by bank transfer before goods’ release and after reception of revised order by Customer by Email with packing’and shipment s costs from Stone International. Customer must communicate by Email to the address order confirmation by specifying order’s number.

Article 6. Delivery mode.

Delivery of goods available in storehouse happens within 48 hours after reception of transfer on its bank account ( on the Italian territory, holydays excluded). This term is valid overall, thus any delay does not validate by its own damage’s compensation or contract’s resolution.
Unless otherwise agreed to between the parties, for shipment a contribution will be debited, i twill be agreed time by time with Stone International srl before order and on the base of pricelists and conditions in force.
Whereas goods are not in warehouse, Stone International will communicate delivery times upon the order. In case buyer is absent on delivery time, goods will be in the courier’s warehouse for three days , after this period they will be sent back to seller. Incompleteness or inaccuracy of the order expressely relieves from the process of the same.

Article 7. Contract’s termination

Buyer can withdraw the contract, except in the case of specifically customized goods. Withdrawal is made by written communication to :
Stone International S.r.l.
Leonardo da Vinci  Street nr 81
00015 Monterotondo (RM)
within and not over eight days fom delivery date of goods, by obviously stating one’s will to terminate contract.

If communication is made by E-Mail, it must be sent to Email address : If it is made by fax, fax number to be used is 06/9069801.
Buyer who decides to withdraw must process goods’ withdrawal. Goods must not present signs of usury or use. This withdrawal must have place within 14 ( fourteen) working days max from goods’ reception.
Withdrawal’s fees are at the buyer’s expense. Moreover, fixed contributions of shipment are due to seller even if not yet paied. Thus, these amounts could be kept in compensation without any further formality.

Whereas buyer makes use of withdrawal’s right, amount to pay back will be credited according to modes agreed with Stone International S.r.l.

Article 8. Warranty

Goods are covered by a law warranty and are exclusively limited to product’s conformity of performance and not to its application that will have to be made by a qualified staff and in any case according to what is stated in technical data sheets.

Article 9. Contract’s end

Seller prior advices buyer on order’s reception by a confirmed Email. Contract is meant ended by process’ beginning in the place and moment of goods’ delivery by courier. Any order confirmation has to be considered as simple advice on the process’ start.
Buyer is required to download from website and to print or to save on a durable support a PDF copy of these general sales conditions without prejudice to the seller’s right of sending a copy to the buyer independently.

Article 10. Privacy

With the order’s transmission, customer confirms having seen privacy information, in relation to its personal data and of all clauses contained in general conditions.

Article 11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract is governed by the Italian law. Seller reserves the right to accept rodersi not coming from Italian territory. Even in these cases, it is anyway understood that contract’s language is Italian.
Seller reserves the right to change in any moment and without notice the actual edition of these general conditions. Thus, buyer is required to periodically check this on-line document at the moment of order’s transmission in order to check the applicable edition to buyer in that moment.
For any controversy, judicial authority of Tivoli will be competent court.