Decotop Overlay

Leave old concrete cements and change them in elegant and refined floorings thanks to DECOTOP OVERLAY stamped concrete overlay.

DecotopOverlay is an innovative product for the creation of low thickness imprinted concrete. It is 1k and is used to cover, refine or restore old surfaces such as screeds, concrete floorings, floorings with floor plates or porcelain stoneware.


Stamped concrete overlay used by DecotopOverlay products can be applied on streets, courtyards, swimming pools, theme parks, parkings, avenues, roofs, ramps, sidewalks, restaurants and pubs.

Its ductile and flexible nature makes floorings’ maintenance very easy.

It is possible to design a flooring with stamped concrete overlay both for outer and  inner spaces.

Available in 23 different colours, among which you will find yours for sure.


You can create floorings with different solutions of texture and designs with the use of mats for several models and antique-effect agents.

You can use several rubber mats on the stamped concrete overlay through which stamping decorations and textures which give unique effects like imitation wood or tile.

Stamped concrete overlay is a material perfect for modern floorings but also to restore antique concretes.


Renovation of your flooring with  DECOTOP OVERLAY means to save transport costs to dump of your old concrete. Stamped concrete overlay allows process and transformation of your old flooring without demolishing.

Features :

  • Realizable in thicknesses from 7 mm up to 20 mm
  • It can be coloured with our COLORTOP
  • Very good adhesion, very easy to apply
  • Very hard, resistant to cold, waterproof
  • Very good resistance to use and to abrasion
decotop overlay pastina di cemento

DECOTOP OVERLAY is available in many different colours. Discover them!

Decotop Overlay colors

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DecotopOverlay has a wide catalogue of products with different features.

Choose the most suitable item for your needs and keep in mind that all products of DecotopOverlay line combine in one result products’ sophistication and quality signed by Stone International.

Values and advantages in common among these products such as resistance and easy application make all products of catalogue perfect for any kind of design.

What are you waiting for ? In our catalogue, you will find product answering to your needs.

pastina di cemento DECOTOP OVERLAY