Drain Floor or Sasso Resina is a system used to realize draining and resistant floorings.

CarpetFloor is Stone International product used to realize drain floors.

With CarpetFloor mixed in the correct ratio inert/ binder with dry natural aggregates, we can obtain draining floorings with high resistance to wear and yellowing.

CarpetFloor is a polyurethanic, aliphatic , 2k , clear, moisture-hardening, not yellowing and solvents’ free binder.


Drain floor can be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to its very good resistance to atmospherical agents. Moreover, it is perfect to create draining surfaces.

CarpetFloor is easy to prepare and to apply, it is enough to mix it with inerts and apply the mixture on the surface to be decorated. Its very good resistance to atmospherical agents makes it suitable for use outdoor, particularly to realize draining surfaces with low thickness or to restore and to renovate old concrete surfaces , by changing them in scenographic floorings with multiple geometric pictures.


With CarpetFloor  drain floor you can realize natural draining floorings with low thickness, these floorings are resistant for outer spaces such as squares, avenues, sidewalks, arcades, decorative claddings of balconies, outside and inside swimming pools with an ensured scenographic effect.

Thanks to drain floor it is possible to renovate and requalify old outer surfaces in concrete by creating natural surfaces with multiple geometrical forms and chromatic effects.

Thus, the effect will be to make a kind of flooring ( respecting some important specifications like drainage’s one)more modern and visually pleasant.


CarpetFloor is easy to use thanks to features of 2k, odourless and solvent-free formulation, and even thanks to simplicity of preparation with mixtures of several variety of grain.

Drain floor is a very good solution to reduce all accessory draining works for water connected to a traditional flooring. In this way, quantity of works, intervention times and quantitiy of material to be purchased will also be reduced.

sasso resina ghiaia stabilizzata

Sasso Resina is available in many different colours. Discover them!

STONE Systems  


Stone Floor’s main product is a 2 k epoxy binder. It is  solvent free , not yellowing and developped in Stone International’s laboratories.

Thanks to the chance of mixing several colours you can obtain finishes with aesthetic effects suitable to all needs.

Stone products for drain floor are resistant to abrasion and to chemical agents and ensure total absence of yellowing.

Check our catalogue for products of grain floor.

sasso resina ghiaia stabilizzata PRODOTTI