Top Coat

Painting concrete floor outside: colour and renew your flooring in imprinted concrete with top coat

Il TOP-COAT is a painting concrete floor outside consisting in a cement based coloured cladding to be applied on concrete and resin surfaces both in outer and in inner spaces. It has a good resistance to abrasion and to UV rays.


Top-Coat  is a 2k coloured product to be carefully mixed before application. 23 colours of painting concrete floor outside are available.

Perfect for renovation or colouring of imprinted and not resin concrete, concrete surfaces or vertical surfaces like bricks or masonry.

It is in any case suitable everytime it is necessary to colour concrete surfaces.


The use of a painting concrete floor outside like Top-Coat is perfect to give new life to surfaces in need of renovation.

Thanks to the line’s various products it is possible to remove varnishes previously used such to make application of new painting concrete floor outside much more homogeneous.

Final effect will be exactly that of a new paving, completely changing aesthetics.


The main advantage in the use of painting concrete floor outside is that of completely changing flooring’s appearance without turning to big removal’s inrterventions.

In this way, quantity of residues to be disposed will be reduced, considering that painting concrete floor outside is directly applied on the pre-existing flooring.

Moreover, resistance of this material makes it more attractive both for apartments and for plants, for factories and public places.

top coat vernice per cemento

Top Coat is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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TOP COAT's products

With painting concrete floor outside  it is possible to completely renovate floorings by giving them a new appearance.

Thanks to the wide range of available products, it is possible to realize any kind of flooring.

All products ensure a high resistance to foot traffic and to chemicals, exactly to make final result as suitable for any kind o fuse. Easy application and fast drying make products of painting concrete floor outside the top of the line.

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