Give expressiveness and character to your designs with Stone International exposed aggregate concrete.

Chromostone is an architectural flooring with washed gravel tile’s effect. It is very spectacuar and costs are low. It decorates and customizes outer spaces through a range of colours, pictures and finishes even by matching different materials such as : marble, natural stones, cotto tiles, river stones, etc.


Washed concrete flooring is perfect for being used in outer spaces for floors right by the pool, for avenues, squares, footpaths, public gardens, theme parks, pedestrian areas, parkings, traffic roundabouts, for transformation and requalification of urban design, etc.

It can be also used in inner spaces for realization and restoration of Venetian or Genoese exposed aggregate concrete.

After 7 days from its laying, Chromostone can be smoothed . In this way, floorings with a unique and unmistakable style can be obtained.


The obtainable effects can be decided by designer or by customer, Chromostone is available in 4 base colours which become 12 if they are matched to white and/or grey concrete’s.

Versatility of this exposed aggregate concrete allows to express at best your own fantasy and to give the most desired form and style for your designs. We can use rounded or cracked grits with several sizes and colours coming from local or far mines.

Moreover, it is possible to choose grit’s level of exposure by using the particular deactivating CSK.


Thanks to its low thickness of 3-4 cm, it can be applied both on existing  and new concrete screeds, it is very resistant, carrigeable and waterproof, easy to use and rapid to apply.

Use of selected gravels allows to realize unique chromatic effects. Moreover, through structure of matrix it is possible to recreate a play of lights and shadows of such a wall support, by highlighting some details on the base of sunlight direction.

Flooring is in conformity to  UNI EN 13813:2004 CT40 F5.

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chromostone calcestruzzo architettonico

Chromostone is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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Stone International proposes a wide range of products for exposed aggregate concrete floorings.

Chromostone is a soution that puts together aesthetical taste, durability in time and affordability. It does not need too much maintenance.

Realization is quite simple, even if its execution, in order to avoid an unsatisfactoery result, must compulsorly respect some main points that can not be changed.

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chromostone calcestruzzo architettonico