Rockwall is a System used to realize artificial rocks with a natural appearance.

It is possible to realize artificial rocks thanks to Rockwall, a simplified 1k mortar. It is suitable to be used in public places such as premises, gardens or theme parks considering its good resistance to hits and to atmospherical agents.


In order to create realistic artificial tocks, cks, Rockwall is composed by concrete, polymers, additives, light charges and selected sands.

It perfectly sticks to concrete, wood, bricks and plasterboard up to a thickness of 8-10 cm in one application.

It can be cut, printed or refined with other application techniques and you can give it your desired form.


With Rockwall, it is possible to reproduce false rocks or to cut it in order to pictures with bas-relief  or high-relief technique.

It is the perfect product to reproduce natural elements like false rocks, waterfalls, trees, vertical surfaces, socles, cladding of hit walls.


Rockwall is perfect to realize artificial rocks. Besides its realistic yield, here are just some advantages for which you should have to choose thisproduct:

  • Easy to use
  • Good hits’ resistance
  • High thicknesses up to 8-10 cm
  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect to be cut
  • Excellent adhesion power
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Cheap and durable.
  • Fiber- reinforced
  • Resistant to atmospherical agents.

It can be used in the high mountains and in sea environments.

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Rockwall is available in many different colours. Discover them!

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ROCKWALL's products

Rockwall list of products is characterized by waterproofing. Infact, exactly for the use of artificial rocks in gardens, waterfalls or theme parks products are specifically studied to make rocks waterproof and resistant to atmospherical agents.

Line of products is completed by tools used for surfaces’ refinements. The latter make artificial rocks unique and personal in all places.

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