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STONE ACID STAIN is made of metal salts and buffered acids;  it is applied on concrete screeds, self-levelling products, etc. , though a chemical reaction with the cement produces coloured crystals salts that fill the micropores of the screed, generating unique coloured cement. Thanks to this solution it is possible to obtain effects that recall various marbles or natural stones.

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Two-component transparent polyurethane resin for floors.
POLISTONE TR 100 is a specific transparent varnish for painting civil and industrial floors.
It is particularly suitable every time is necessary to meet very strict requirements of walkability and chemical resistance, such as coloured floors of industrial and civil nature, departments of canning industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, warehouses, canteens, schools, shops.
The product is resistant to water, solvents, scratches and has exceptional adhesion to cementitious and resinous substrates.

Discover all its feature reading the technical datasheet.
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SEALFLOOR 100 is a mono-component acrylic resins, non-yellowing, anti-oil, anti-dust, anti-mould extremely resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The product applied on cement-based substrates generates a mid-glossy film capable of protecting the surface of the floor from numerous causes of deterioration.

Discover all its feature reading the technical datasheet.