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prodotti pavimenti stampati hardstone


Hardstone – is a ready-mix colour hardener made of 98% of silica quartz in a perfectly designed curve, cement, IR and UV resistant pigments and additives that allow an ideal adhesion on the existing substrates.

For more information refer to the technical datasheet.
prodotti pavimenti stampati stonart


STONART is used for printing the imprinted concrete floors after the application of  the HARDSTONE® colour hardener.  Is a  ready to use product in powder, non-stick, release, coloured, which once distributed on the fresh concrete treated with Hardstone creates a non sticking membrane between the fresh concrete and the concrete stamp mats.

Discover the complete features on the datasheet.

prodotti pavimenti stampati antislip


This product is used as an anti-slip agent for resins, composed by a fine granulometry powder to be mixed with the Sealfloor 100, in order to make the imprinted floors non-slippy.
Antislip is a quick and low-cost solution, preventing the risk of falls without altering the characteristics of the floor.

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SEALFLOOR 100 is a mono-component acrylic resins, non-yellowing, anti-oil, anti-dust, anti-mould extremely resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The product applied on cement-based substrates generates a mid-glossy film capable of protecting the surface of the floor from numerous causes of deterioration.

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prodotti pavimenti stampati FIBRE IN POLIPROPILENE


High molecular weight polypropylene filaments; the fibres have a regular and uniform appearance, without branches or fibrillations. The nominal diameter is about 18 microns, the weight is 2.2g per 10km. of a single filament (about 150,000,000 fibres of 18 mm. in a package of 600 g.). FIBERCEM® is very resistant to acids and alkalis, it is perfectly stable to ultraviolet rays, bacteria and molds; it has a remarkable adhesion to cement thanks to the chemical bonds that develop (hydrogen bridges between the -CN groups of the fibre and the -OH groups of the hydrated silicates of the cement matrix).

Discover the complete features on the datasheet.

prodotti pavimenti stampati diluente


It is a mixture of solvents particularly suitable for diluting Sealfloor 100 and Sealfloor colour resins.